~ We have to be willing, at any moment, to give up what we are for what we could become.~ George Bernard Shaw



The Big Picture

Joy believes anyone can access the therapeutic benefits of yoga with the right attitude & a little creativity. Joy has the ability to ‘meet people where they are’ & create an environment where yoga feels accessible to everyone.

Joy teaches weekly Hatha Yoga and Bodymind Ballwork  classes from her Home Studio (St. Vital) & in the community to both public and private groups. She loves working with private students and facilitates workshops. Her classes are intended to nourish body, mind and spirit. Her hope is the practice serves students by creating more freedom and ease in their bodies and also in their everyday lives. 


Her Experience & Training as a Yoga & Bodymind Ballwork Teacher

With over 9 years teaching experience, she has guided groups and individuals with a wide range of abilities and limitations including;

  • Beginners to intermediate students,
  • Seniors,
  • Special Needs,
  • Elementary & Teens,
  • Workplace

She has experience and is comfortable modifying/being creative with private clients and has worked with many people with physical limitations such as;

  • Various forms of arthritis (both Osteo and Autoimmune),
  • Spinal conditions (ex. scoliosis, spine fusions, disc herniations),
  • Parkinson’s Disease,
  • Depression & Anxiety, PTSD,
  • Chemotherapy,
  • Joint replacements,
  • Other chronic health conditions.

Joy is an independent teacher.

  • Originally trained in Anusara YogaTM (Lynn Lakusiak, John Friend, Robin Golt, Barrie Risman),she holds a RYT 500 (Yoga Alliance).
  • With a formal background in Adult Education (St. Francis Xavier University), she is dedicated to life-long learning.  In addition to over 1000 hours of Teacher Training and Yoga Therapeutics Training, she continually attends classes, seminars and workshops to upgrade her skills and knowledge as a practitioner and teacher.
  • She practices and studies with local teachers (currently loving Jan Debenham of Yoga Center Winnipeg), on-line community (Yoga International is one of my go-to’s) and with various international teachers (too many to list, so many smart fabulous teachers out there!).
  • She studies and teaches Bodymind Ballwork under the mentorship of Ellen Saltonstall.

Her Classes / Style of Teaching

Classes generally weave a spiritual theme with an anatomical/physical focus.  Modifications are often offered so students can choose what is best for them.  Unattached to any specific spiritual or yogic tradition, her classes are inspired by a combination of Yogic and Bhuddist Philosophy, therapeutic benefits of yoga/Bodymind Ballwork,  Anatomy, Ayurveda (Indian/Yogic Health System), Mindfulness Meditation, her current roles as a householder & community member, and most recently, The Circle Way. 

On a Personal Note

Currently enjoying the ‘householder years’,  Joy is a mom of two active teens and married to ‘the nicest guy on the planet’. She values her close relationships with her extended family and friends and worries her kids are growing up too fast.  She can be found ‘binge landscaping’ in the spring, camping in the summer, cooking up a big pot of soup in the fall and jogging around the neighborhood when the weather is good.  Her weakness is dark chocolate. She has Seasonal Affective Disorder and uses a balance of exercise, accupuncture, diet and yoga to manage her symptoms. It has taught her acceptance of what is (honestly, still a work in progress), loving discipline (sometimes) and compassion for those who suffer (always).