Change the Chairs – Change the Conversation  

Joy hosts authentic conversations using The Circle Way methodology and co-facilitates Introduction to The Circle Way.

Who needs these intentional, authentic conversations? Well, we all do.   

I work with groups who;

  • Want authentic communication and meaningful meetings,
  • Need to foster and maintain engagement,
  • Need a platform where everyone can be heard,
  • Want to plan and make decisions collaboratively,
  • Appreciate the wisdom that arises from presence and good listening,
  • Are navigating uncertainty, possibility and transformation,
  • Desire a method for checking in and being present with each other.

This work may apply to;

  • Community groups,
  • Businesses, Non-Profit and Health organizations,
  • Leadership teams,
  • School Parent Councils, Parenting Groups,
  • Peer Support Groups,
  • …and more.

If your group would benefit from a facilitator-guided, authentic, intentional conversation, consider using aspects of Circle. The beauty of The Circle Way is it can be adapted to so many different circumstances, contact Joy to discuss your unique needs.


Joy’s  Training

Introduction to Circle Way – May 2016  (Winnipeg, MB   Heather Plett & Amanda Fenton)

Circle Way Practicum – August 2017  (Whidbey Island, WA  Amanda Fenton & Tenneson Wolf)

Holding Space Facilitator Program – June 2017- December 2017 (On-line Heather Plett, currently acting as a mentor)

Adult Education Certificate (2004  St. Francis Xavier University)

Facilitation & Leadership Experience (Corporate Training & Development, Martial Arts & Yoga Instruction, Retreats)


Want to introduce Circle into your group or workplace?

Joy will co-facilitate an Introduction to The Circle Way for your organization or group. Contact Joy  to discuss.

More about The Circle Way (3-5 minute videos)

Celebration of Circle (Examples of different uses)

Components of Circle – Part 1 (What is Circle, Center, & Agreements)

Components of Circle  – Part 2 (Intention, Principles)

Components of Circle – Part 3 (Roles, Types of Council)


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