Private One-on-One Yoga and/or BodyMind Ballwork Session

IMG_5704 This service is perfect for those with significant limitations and feel they cannot participate in a group class.  Also great if your schedule doesn’t allow you to get to my daytime classes and/or you want to work in a private setting.  Joy has experience working with a variety of physical limitations such as;

  • Low Back (ex. Disc Herniation, Spinal Stenosis, Fusions, Compresions, Sciatica)
  • Neck & Shoulder tension & limited range of motion
  • Various forms for Arthritis (Osteo, Psoriatic & Rheumatoid) 
  • Chronic Health Conditions (ex. Parkinson’s Disease)
  • Joint Replacements

Joy’s is a ‘Trauma Informed’ teacher and has experience working with people managing symptoms of;

  • Anxiety, Depression and PTSD. 

Includes an initial assessment/discussion and customized yoga program with handout.

Depending on unique situations, private clients may come just once to learn something specific or choose to come regularly (which may be once a week, biweekly, or monthly) to help develop their own home practice.

It is important to note that any assessment, alignment instructions or program given are not a substitute for professional medical evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. Joy is not a licensed therapist nor able to give diagnostics.  Yoga is meant to compliment the services of a licensed professional.

“For several years my left shoulder has suffered chronic pain, sometimes to the point where I need to take pain medication so that I can sleep. Despite my other activities targeted towards maintaining good health, the shoulder problem has continued to trouble me. One morning around 10:00 am I became fully aware that my shoulder was totally free of pain. This was the morning after the class during which you focused significantly on shoulders. It was like magic!” “Thank you for your expertise and caring. I am very grateful.” – Margaret B  


Private Yoga Rates – 

 First Session $70 plus GST (approx. 90 minutes) – Includes an initial intake questionnaire, visual physical assessment & goals discussion, 60 minute customized session and handout. 

Repeat Sessions $55 plus GST  (60 minutes)    /  4 Individual Sessions paid in advance- $200 

2 persons $ 70/hour (60 minutes) plus GST     24 hr notice for cancellation – subject to fees.

Contact Joy for an appointment.

Customized Group Yoga &/Or Bodymind Ballwork


Depending on your group’s needs, Joy will deliver an individual session/workshop or a series of classes on a regular basis to help your group reach your desired goals. Everyone can benefit from mindful movement and breath awareness.  Everyone can do yoga.

Workplace Wellness Programs – Employees benefit from stress reduction that promotes productivity.

Sports Teams – Prevent injuries and gain their edge through increased mobility and flexibility.  
Elementary and Highschool – Students experience self-awareness, relaxation and mental focus.

Chair Yoga – Seniors with arthritis, osteoporosis and stiffness gain strength and mobility and decrease pain.


It’s amazing what you can do!’- Chessie (88), after 3 classes of seniors chair yoga. 

Customized Group Rates

$80 – $120/hour.  Rates depend on # of sessions/participants and class duration and reduced rates can be arranged for schools & ‘communities of the heart’ with smaller budgets.

Contact Joy for an appointment.