Joy’s energy and enthusiasm for her craft are contagious. I love how she threads references to our day to day struggles into her sessions and makes everything seem more manageable by the end of a class!– Joan B.

As a “senior” with arthritis and osteoporosis, Joy effectively challenges us, ensuring we are strengthening our bodies without doing ourselves harm! She connects yoga postures to our personal needs, helping us improve flexibility, bone and muscle strength. She adapts to our abilities and limitations. At the same time, she encourages us to develop an awareness of how we are relating to ourselves and others and cultivate self-nurturing thinking. – Sue 

Yoga with Joy classes have inspired me, even though I have been practicing yoga for decades. The themes that Joy chooses for each session are motivating, and give new meaning to the poses, by helping to connect physical and spiritual well-being. Evelyn J. – 80

Joy’s yoga class has been very beneficial in helping to reduce my back pain. I noticed increased mobility and flexibility after only three classes. – Lori O. spinal stenosis and scoliosis.

I had been toying with the idea of doing yoga for years. I had seen Joy’s ads and her sign that is in front of her home studio but I just wasn’t too sure how I would do. Well, I have been going since September (2011) and I am never looking back! I feel wonderful before, during and after the classes and attempt to carry that through in my everyday life. Joy is an awesome teacher, helping all of us along the way to reach our goals, no matter what our level may be. Thanks, Joy! – Yvette D.